Pipeline Inspections

Pipeline inspection

Pipeline Inspection

Above Ground Storage Tanks: Complete in-service assessment

1. TankPAC™ Acoustic Emission: Floor condition assessment while remaining in-service to allow the end user to prioritise tank internals and allow maintenance budgets to be used on tanks that show poor condition.

2. CUT™ Long Range UT: Long range ultrasound assesses the internal annular ring up to 400mm into the tank searching for severe pitting corrosion that could lead to structural failure. Automated B-Scan thickness assessment is included on the external portion of the annular ring.

3. Automated Robotic Shell Assessment: B/C Scan corrosion mapping in accordance with the standard.

4. Manual Ultrasonic Thickness: Manual Ultrasonic thickness measurements on the tank roof and appurtenances in accordance with the API653.

5. E.O.D.R Assessment: Electro-optical distance ranging tank measurements assessment.

6. API653 In-Service visual assessment and calculations as per standard.

>500 TankPAC floor condition assessments carried out since the establishment of the company and >100 complete in-service tank assessments.

Above and Below Ground


1. Ground Penetrating Radar and RF location services: GPR including 3D and RF is used to locate pipelines that are below ground.

2. Magnetic Gradient Tomography Method; MTM-G provides a fitness for service assessment of below ground pipeline and insulated pipelines without making any contact with the pipeline. The method is based on the villari effect. Defects that disturbs the natural magnetic field are received and interpreted.

3. Various additional inspections methods using ropes access are applied, such as, but not limited to:

Support corrosion inspection (SCI) / CUPS using pitch and catch methodology to provide remaining thickness.
Guided Ultrasonic Long-Range UT – LRUT or GUL screening long lengths of pipeline.
Phased array assessment (PAUT)
, Time of flight diffraction (TOFD)
Alternating current field measurements (ACFM)
Drone assessments
Conventional NDT

4. API570 visual assessment and inspection services in accordance with the standard.

>50 pressure vessel assessments carried out since establishment of the company

River Crosing

river crossing

We deliver the data you need

• Multi-sensor data collection technology provides you with new and unrivalled definition
of fixed assets
• If you have a challenging inspection or survey problem; our design team can help
• We have designed & built innovative robotic systems to position the sensors accurately
• We collect video & xyz point cloud data above and below water using Time of Flight (ToF) laser (LIDAR) , video cameras and SONAR
• Since 1993, civil engineers have used our data to prioritize remedial work for their fixed assets

Shoreline laser shore survey
Slope hazard identification
Directional drilled- cross-bore migration
Pipe suspension identification
Pipeline location, meander and profile
River bottom & scour analysis
Depth of cover
Internal siphon surveys
ROV Surveys