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Intelligent Pigging

“Intelligent Pigging” also referred to as “Smart Pigging” is an advanced robotic technique that propels a purpose-built pipeline integrity gauge (PIG) unit fitted with a variety of probes and sensors through a pipeline to detect and measure corrosion, metal loss, cracks, dents, deformations, etc. An ILI report will detail all major concerns to the condition and integrity of a pipeline with exact location markers.

Ultrasonic Rotary (UT-R) Inline Inspections Tools Offer ultra-high-resolution inspection in short to medium length pipelines. This ILI type has the capability to accurately detect and measure very small defects (smaller than 5mm in diameter). UT-R is especially recommended for older pipelines or pipelines with severe corrosion requiring a higher level of detail and accuracy in corroded areas. This technology is commonly used for offshore riser and mineshaft riser inspection. The system is bi-directional and can easily be adapted as tethered (pushed in/down by liquid and pulled back by the tether) or free swimming.

Ultrasonic Multi-Channel (UT-MC) Inline Inspections Tools  offer high-resolution combined with high-speed inspection of pipelines with longer length or high velocity flowing liquid product. Like the UT-R tools this too can run bi-directional if needed and can achieve hundreds of kilometers in conventional mode. The UT-MC series like all Kelaj ILI’s meet all requirements of the POF guidelines for accuracy and repeatability.

Kelaj Ultrasonic Multi-Channel Octopus (UT-MC Octopus) Inline Inspections Tools  were specifically designed to provide improved inspection in challenging products, such as heavy crude, fuel oil, LNG/LPG where high signal attenuation would limit conventional ILI pigging. materials and products such a heavy crude oil.

Hawk ILI Crack Detection and Sizing System is one of the most accurate crack detection and measurement ILI tools available in the market. The Kelaj Crack detection system was developed to accurate detect and measure cracks smaller than 1mm in width and/or length, so that live cracks which are growing year on year can be accurately identified and monitored. This ultra-modern ILI system utilizes auto-analyzing and machine-learning to process big data quickly and allow for detailed verification of critical pipelines.

Caliper Geometry/Deformation Inline Inspection tools utilize an array of sensors to measure the geometric condition of a pipeline ensuring maximum pipeline efficiency and movement of materials. Caliper pigging in usually used in conjunction with other forms of smart pigging such as MFL and UT ILI or as a quick “illegal hot-tap” detection solution.

Ultrasonic Furnace UTMC-F ILI are small UTMC pigs made specifically to safely travel inside small-bore furnace tubes with 1D bends to accurately detect and measure internal and external corrosion, dents, and other types of defects common in furnace/boiler tubes. Specialized Crack detection and measurement tools are also available to support for cracking prone tubes.

Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Inline Inspection Tools is the most commonly used ILI technique, where magnetic fields are introduced to energize a pipeline and measure the magnetic field leak caused by defects or variations in the nominal wall thickness. MFL ILI is used to detect and quantify corrosion, metal loss as well as geometrical variations. MFL tools are able to travel at greater speeds – up to 5 meter/second in standard edition ILI, in both gas and liquid product pipelines, allowing for rapid inspection screening of very long pipelines.

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