Composite Pipe Wrap Repairs

Wrap repair

Composite pipe wrap repairs

Kelaj group is your partner of choice to provide STRONGER THAN STEEL composite solutions and help restore your pipes – saving you TIME and MONEY

A carbon fiber wrap system used to rehabilitate damaged, corroded and eroded piping systems and restore them to the original operational strength. The system is comprised of three components, each tested independently.

The first component is an epoxy primer, which ensures complete bonding and load transfer between the repair and the substrate.

The second component is its selection of bi-directional woven carbon fiber materials, which provides reinforcement in the hoop and axial directions and is the strongest available non-metallic repair on the market.

The third part of the binding force in the system is the polymeric epoxy resin, which allows for uniform loading throughout the entire wrap. For repairs that require surfaces to be modified (e.g. heavy pitting or irregular shapes) the high modulus filler can be applied.

Composite system is stronger than steel
Each successive wrap increases the pressure rating
Minimal creep ensures a long service life
No limits to pressure when using the composite wrap systems.
The wrap system comes in 3 different temperature variances.

Composite pipe wrap repairs- 97 Facilities

We have successfully completed a vast number of successful projects and client confidence in Carbontech is growing  progressively as we prove ourselves as being a reliable and quality team that provide accurate information on the  capabilities of our systems. We have been fortunate to support the following valued clients with our products and services

Our Edge

  • Product Tested & Proven
  • Extensive and continuous improvement of product performance
  • Recognized Independent Validation of compliance to Standards.
  • Tested beyond Industry standards
  • Zero-Failure Philosophy
  • Provides repair & technical assurance.
  • Repair reliance as per ASME Pcc2 and ISO TS 24817 requirements

Provide Technology for Customers Benefit.

  • Validated Engineering calculations as per Industry Standards
  • Global Engineering Support from Seasoned Composite Engineers
  • Site Support

Advantages of Composite repairs

  • Can be applied live, No Shutdown, no production loss
  • Requires No Hot Work Permit
  • Fast Application Requiring Minimal on-site facilities
  • Can be applied to any pipe geometry or size.
  • Lightweight and easy transportation
  • Engineered solution, fully compliant to ISO/ASME standards